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Team RAF

It's why you learned to fly.

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E-Mail Departments

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WeightPositionNameTelephoneEmail Address
-10General Information
-2ChairmanJohn J. McKenna Jr.406-581-8234
0Administrative DirectorTricia Mckenna
0BLM LiaisonPeter R. Smith406-366-1435
0DirectorPete Bunce202-957-6345
0DirectorPeter Burwell952-887-1886
0DirectorSteve Johnson816-590-5480
0DirectorTodd Simmons218-721-2194
0Director EmeritusChuck M. Jarecki406-883-2248
0Director EmeritusDan Prill406-788-1185
0Director EmeritusJerome M. Cain406-362-4743
0Director EmeritusRol R. Murrow505-362-8232
0Director EmeritusTim W. Clifford407-341-4222
0Environ. Science Advisory Cmte.Andrew M. Turner814-319-4015
0Environ. Science Advisory Cmte.Mark Novak406-586-7236
0Environ. Science Advisory Cmte.Richard Hauer406-250-9900
0Environ. Science Advisory Cmte.Roger Blew208-604-2539
0Liaison - AlaskaAl Clayton907-276-2999
0Liaison - ArizonaMark S. Spencer602-708-1599
0Liaison - ArkansasDave Powell479-586-5540
0Liaison - CaliforniaAnthony Longobardo919-457-2855
0Liaison - CaliforniaRick Lach661-345-7755
0Liaison - ColoradoPatrick B. Romano512-289-1989
0Liaison - ColoradoThomas Haefeli719-657-2038
0Liaison - FloridaBobby Capozzi352-475-9736
0Liaison - GeorgiaBrett Wilkes404-502-0873
0Liaison - GeorgiaEric Davis404-423-3842
0Liaison - IdahoMike Hart208-528-7672
0Liaison - IllinoisMike D Purpura630-936-3282
0Liaison - KentuckyJeffrey C Smith502-593-1005
0Liaison - MaineAndrew L. Rowe Jr.2078379155
0Liaison - MaineSteve Mason207-695-4577
0Liaison - MarylandCraig L. McCullough410-357-0128
0Liaison - MassachusettsRene Robillard617-797-7351
0Liaison - MichiganBrad Frederick248-761-5615
0Liaison - MinnesotaKirk Hiner612-619-0436
0Liaison - MinnesotaKurt Pennuto612-209-3478
0Liaison - MontanaRonald E. Normandeau406-883-3826
0Liaison - MontanaScott Newpower406-670-3169
0Liaison - NebraskaDaniel Keller308-325-5657
0Liaison - New HampshireJohn Meade781 308-2451
0Liaison - New MexicoLarry Filener505-232-3275
0Liaison - New MexicoRon Keller505-681-5982
0Liaison - New YorkRuss N. Holland315-826-3929
0Liaison - North CarolinaTim Farris9199231896
0Liaison - North DakotaBrian C. Rau701-486-3414
0Liaison - OhioChristine S. Mortine614-205-3129
0Liaison - OhioFreeman Swank440-506-0949
0Liaison - OklahomaSteven Thompson580-277-0640
0Liaison - OregonRichard Mayes916-220-2041
0Liaison - South CarolinaBill Repucci704-607-4572
0Liaison - South DakotaRay Jilek605-642-4112
0Liaison - TennesseeSteven Lewis423-647-2511
0Liaison - TexasChase Snodgrass832-588-8888
0Liaison - UtahSteve Durtschi801-292-9372
0Liaison - UtahWayne Loeber801-541-9473
0Liaison - VermontRobert M. Burley802-734-6097
0Liaison - VirginiaMatthew Kline240-520-5207
0Liaison - WashingtonDave R. Whitelaw509-633-8306
0Liaison - WisconsinJeffrey Russell608-347-5108
0Liaison - WyomingLori Olson307-746-8411
0National RUS LiaisonJohn R. Nadeau781-504-3143
0PresidentAlan Metzler717-994-2924
0Press LiaisonCarmine M. Mowbray406-883-4677
0Safety and Education CoordinatorJeanne E E. MacPherson406-443-2179
0SecretaryBill McGlynn208-631-0636
0TreasurerMichael Perkins303-435-5886
0Vice PresidentJack Tyler727-772-3002
0Volunteer CoordinatorErin A. White406-582-1723

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Recreational Aviation Foundation

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