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August Events

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Some fantastic fly-in events are taking place in August. Clicking on any event title will take you to the RAF events calendar page with more information.

August 11: Boonville Airfield Fly-In and Pig Roast, New York.

This annual event at the Boonville Inc. Airport (1NK7) features lots of flying and a full pig roast for all to enjoy. The meal includes side dishes, desserts and beverages. Donations to cover the cost of food are requested. No need to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there!

August 11 & 12: Sullivan Lake Fly-In, Washington

Plan on attending this fly-in event at Sullivan Lake Airport (O9S) on August 11-12.  Relax and spend the weekend camping with your RAF friends! Sullivan Lake is one of the premier camping spots in the state of Washington. There is a 1700' runway right on the lake.  

August 12: Sinful Sunday at Lee Bottom, Indiana

Mark your calendars for an ice cream social at Lee Bottom Airport (64I). The event will take place from 11am-3pm. A donation of $10.00 will get you a brat and a sundae; $5.00 each, with proceeds above expenses to be donated to Lee Bottom.

August 24-26: Creighton Island Fly-In Series, Georgia

Consider taking part in one or multiple events during this fly-in series at Creighton Island Airfield in Georgia. This event will be held on the fourth weekend of every month, beginning in April 2018 and ending in September 2018.

Activities include: Hiking, exploring (most of the island is undeveloped and unchanged dating back to the civil war era), kayaking/canoeing, bird-watching, airstrip & site maintenance.