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Jim Dickerson

Missouri State Liaison

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Jim is currently the President and CEO of Prime Business Group in Kansas City, MO, specializing in helping businesses improve profitability and operational and organizational efficiency. With a compliment of restaurant, theatre, printing, shipping, marketing and entertainment operations, Prime Business Group owns and operates a very diversified business portfolio. Jim has a background in business management and development, public relations, broadcasting and communications.

Jim started as a police officer, serving for fifteen years in a variety of assignments. He was named Officer of the Year in the State of Missouri in 1992. He has hosted a number of television shows, served as the spokesperson for a major metropolitan police department, serves as an announcer at various aviation events and can be heard announcing play-by-play for the WHB Varsity Sports Network or doing weather reports for KEXS Radio.

Jim is a commercial pilot who spent several years as an FAA Designated Operations Safety Counselor where he was named Operations Safety Counselor of the year in 2001. He flies occasionally for business, and enjoys flying with Sarah in their antique 1947 Cessna 120. "Having been involved with aviation at a number of different levels and at small and large airports, it's very clear that there is a huge resurgence in the smaller, hometown airports," Jim said.

Sarah and Jim's passion for recreational flying is plain to see. They have promoted a number of recreational aviation related programs and events. They are especially proud of their work to save Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport (3EX). Garnering community, media and legislative support, they prevented its closure and secured a state grant for runway improvements that assured the airport would remain open for years to come. They helped form an Antique Airplane Association chapter at 3EX and are developing a scholarship program for future pilots.

"This is the kind of energy we look for, and the kind of results we celebrate at the RAF," said president John McKenna.

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