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Matthew Kline

Virginia State Liaison

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Matthew’s love of aviation began early, but it wasn’t until after grad school and the start of a geospatial engineering career that he was able to engage in aviation. “After my first ride in a friend’s cub, I was hooked, but it took more than a few years before I was able to start flying.”

After a few hours in a Cessna 172, Matthew switched to tailwheels and has never looked back. He flew Cessna 120s, 140s, Luscombes and Cubs before tracking down and purchasing his dream plane, a 1956 Meyers 145. It shares the hangar with his latest addition, a Corben Baby Ace that will undergo a full restoration in the spring of 2017.

Matthew works in the oil industry developing geospatial solutions and running the Unmanned Aerial Systems branch for his company. “I start my days early and am done by late afternoon which leaves the evenings for flying,” he says. Although he enjoys his current career, Matthew hopes to retire early to pursue a career in aviation, possibly crop dusting or flying pipeline patrol.

Matthew’s personal aviation goals directly align with his RAF goals. “As a state liaison, I plan to organize RAF Weekends, attend aviation events as an RAF representative and ultimately work towards opening a recreational grass airstrip in Virginia. The state has a couple public grass strips, but I would like to see a remote strip up in the mountains with access to public lands and camping – someplace we can all fly to and escape the city for a few hours or days.”


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